On-the-fly media generation to streamline prototyping and development

A few years back I splashed out and bought myself a beasty but very little (13.3 inch) XMG gaming laptop. It has 16GB of memory, an SSD and GTX 960M gpu, so it’s ideal for running most games, though I mostly use it for development. When I’m at home I sit at my desk and plug in a mouse and monitor. When hooked up like this it works just as well as a desktop; definitely better than most office machines I see in use! This means I also have a basic dual screen setup where the laptop will be used for documentation and the main large screen for coding and play-testing.

Fast forward to last week, I was away on holiday seeing family in Ireland. I bought my laptop with me as this was always the plan in buying a smaller unit; portability plus power. I was able to spend a couple of hours most nights developing and the time away from my day-job, doing web development mostly, greatly helped me concentrate on my project.
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