Cross-Platform 3D Engine Open Alpha

I am working on a new engine for future 3D projects and would like to see how well the current version runs across different devices. This maze game should be a good test and hopefully be enjoyable for you too!

The maze will increase in size each time you reach the tower at the end. There are gems to collect too. Might be fun to see how many gems/levels you can get! No save function at the moment.. Watch this space!

Please report back with any bugs or issues you have.

Thank you!


I made this little app to tidy up my desktop of files that I have downloaded and hastily saved without much thought.

Running this app from the desktop will move all files from there into a ‘bin’ folder where they will be sorted into folders by their extension.

Speak and Spell: App for Helping People with Dyslexia

My very first published Android app. I made this in App Inventor and put it on the Play Store all within about 4 hours as a proof of concept.

Speak the word and this tool will spell it out to you on screen, with the option of also reading the spelling out. The word can also be copied with the correct spelling for use in emails and messages.

You can lookup the meaning and origin of the word as well as search for similar words.

This is perfect for anyone who struggles with spelling certain words or is dyslexic.

Speak and Spell can be downloaded from theĀ Android Play Store.